ADVENT CALENDAR - symbols, rituals, inspiration

ADVENT CALENDAR - symbols, rituals, inspiration

23 October 2020 Estimated time: ~2 min.

We are approaching the long-awaited Christmas month full of moments of joy with our loved ones. It is the month in which we become more aware of the small pretious things that surround us, the month in which we can enjoy discovering the surprises of an ADVENT CALENDAR.

But where does this concept come from? Originating from the word adventus in medieval Latin, which means coming, waiting or appearing, the ADVENT calendar has accompanied since the 19th century the Christian traditions.

The first printed ADVENT CALENDAR appears in 1908. Gerhard Lang, who initiated this product, was inspired by his mother who, on the occasion of Christmas, used to prepare a handmade calendar, a plate on which stuck 24 small candies. You can imagine, at the end of the 19th century, the joy and enthusiasm of the child who discovered a sweet surprise every day. In fact, the first calendars were those with chocolate.

Meanwhile, the concept of Living ADVENT CALENDAR has become very popular, especially among religious communities. People meet in front of a window decorated for Christmas, every day, for 24 days, sing and enjoy delicious snacks prepared at home.

Another variant of our times is the Virtual Advent Calendar, an interactive, online calendar. Every day, users can activate the corresponding number and receive videos, pictures, music, quotes or any other small virtual joys. Museums have begun to pay more and more attention to this type of interaction in gift month.

Counting the days until Christmas is a symbolic invitation to enumerate, to remind us at least 24 reasons why each of us is grateful, is reconnected to his deepest self, the essence of soul beauty and celebration of the wonder of being that exists in each of us.

And last but not least, no matter how you choose an ADVENT CALENDAR this season, it offers you 24 moments in which to happily discover, like a child, surprises for you.


ADVENT CALENDAR - symbols, rituals, inspiration