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Company Name: Sabon Holdings SRL

Fiscal code: RO16222607

Ordinal No.: J40/7199/2005

Address: 65 Sfinții Voievozi Str.

City: Bucharest, Sector 1


Phone: 0377.101.455



Bank: Banca Transilvania

Unit/City: Patrascanu / Bucharest

Country: Romania

IBAN Lei: RO93BTRL04701202467686XX

IBAN Euro: RO42BTRL04704202467686XX

IBAN USD: RO76BTRL04702202467686XX

Swift Code: BTRLRO 22


Bank: BRD

Unit/City: Carrefour Baneasa / Bucharest

Country: Romania

IBAN Lei: RO61BRDE445SV58202814450


Bank: Credit Europe Bank

Unit: Bucharest

IBAN Lei: RO95FNNB001902848662RO01


Shared Capital: 440 RON



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