SABON Stores

SABON Stores and the Wishing Well


SABON stores are designed in a classic boutique atmosphere.

All stores are built of natural substances such as whole wood, metal and stone, decorated with lights and candles, chandeliers and mirrors.


The scents and the music playing in the background enrich the shopping experience and make visiting the store a multi-sensual and unforgetable experience.

Just like a home, SABON stores have different rooms: the living room – where we welcome our guests and tell them about ourselves, the well – where we freshen up, the counter – which is like our kitchen, where we offer delights and wrap them up for our guests – the SABON clients.


In the heart of the store the wishing fountain awaits. This fountain is where clients are invited to freshen up,  make wishes and dive into an experience of sound and sense, texture and scent.  The experience of the wishing fountain is unique at SABON.



SABON Stores in Romania