Hair Care

The scalp is the skin of your hair, and beautiful hair can only grow from a healthy scalp- that is the philosophy we based on while developing our new Hair Care line. We are delighted to introduce our new Hare Care line. The line includes an exclusive 3-step hair care ritual products- Ultimate Scalp Scrub, Essential Shampoo, and 3 in 1 Sublime Mask, and two complementary products- Low Shampoo and Hair Serum. The Hair Care line is available in our two best and irresistible fragrances - Green Rose & Delicate Jasmine.

All products in our new Hair Care line are SLS and Paraben free, and contains a combination of 3 precious natural oils- Marula, Abyssinian and Camellia, with unique properties. Abyssinian oil - Shining - Restores hair΄s natural shine and repairs breakage and split ends. Marula oil - Nourishing - Nourishing and protects hair against external aggressions and pollutants. Camellia oil - Hydrating - Helps hair retain moisture.