Sakura Bloom Collection

It’s a wonderful time of renewal and optimism. As the wind blows through the cherry trees, surprising pops of pink appear on the branches and our everyday world transforms into a euphoric fantasy landscape. Spring has begun.


“SAKURA BLOOM” - The story behind the fragrance

Floral & Green


A cherry blossom composition enhanced by a unique green facet to provide elegance and modernity. 

This fragrance takes on a magical, multisensory journey under the blooming trees, along a path carpeted by the iconic national symbol of Japan: the cherry blossom, or Sakura. A gentle breeze welcomes us with divine vegetal notes that fill the air with a unique sense of freshness and renewal.

The Unexpected Touch: Using an advanced technique, we have captured the pure essence of these delicate blossoms and sublimated it into a floral universe supported by a trail of rare orris.