Royal Passport Regulations

The “Royal Passport” card is owned by S.C. SABON HOLDINGS SRL (S.R.L.).


The SABON fidelity card can be given to any person who is a Romanian citizen and over 18 years old.


The SABON fidelity card can be obtained in SABON stores, after filling in the subscription form. In order to receive the card, the owner must entirely fill in and sign the subscription form.

Incomplete forms or forms containing illegible or wrong information will be invalidated. The applicant receives the card immediately after paying the amount of 20 RON representing the price for the card, and after filling in the special form.

Card possession is not conditioned by the purchasing of one or more products from the SABON stores.


Only one card is granted for each applicant.


After signing the form, the applicant has the benefit of 10% discount, offered through this program. Besides the 10% discount, the SABON „Royal Passport” card allows access to SABON card holders exclusive stores promotions.


You have the following advantages:
  1. Promotional prices
  2. Special offers for various events
  3. Any other special offers and contests organized by SABON


The locations where the card holder may beneficiate from discounts and offer are the following:
  1. Bucharest, Carrefour Feeria
  2. Bucharest, Băneasa Shopping City
  3. Bucharest, Cotroceni Park
  4. Bucharest, Promenada Mall
  5. Bucharest, Mega Mall
  6. Bucharest, Park Lake
  7. Bucharest, Mall Vitan
  8. Cluj, Iulius Mall
  9. Ploieşti, Afi Palace
  10. Ploieşti Shopping City
  11. Constanţa, City Park
  12. Galați Shopping City
  13. Iași, Palas Mall
  14. Magazinul online


When shopping in the SABON stores, the card holder must present the card to the cashier, in order to take advantage of the offers. The barcode and the client code automatically allow the 10% discount and other advantages offered to our faithful customers.

Card holders who haven’t the card with them when shopping cannot take advantage of the above mentioned advantages.


If the card is damaged, you can replace it in the SABON stores. In case of loss or theft, you must pay a fee for issuing a new card. The counterfeiting of this card is punished according to the laws in force.


As issuer, S.C. SABON HOLDINGS S.R.L has the right to discontinue at any time the validity of the SABON “Royal Passport” card. This can be done only after a prior notice of at least 15 business days, which will be published in a visible spot, accessible to all the clients, in all locations.


According to Law no. 677/2001 regarding the processing and free circulation of personal data, S.C. SABON HOLDINGS S.R.L. is authorized with no. 12082/2009 and 12116/2009, and the filling in and signing of the form means the complete approval regarding the processing of data for marketing purposes, throughout the entire membership period, within the “Royal Passport” program, as well as after the program ends.

The participant has the right to access the data, the right of interference and opposition regarding the personal data; these rights can be professed according to the instructions in the art. 13, 14, 15 of Law 677/2001. Therefore, anyone can profess the above mentioned rights if submitting a request to SC SABON HOLDINGS S.R.L., at the Bucharest, 65 Sfinții Voievozi Str., Sector 1 headquarters, in written, dated and signed, in which there must be mentioned the identification data of the person, including the correspondence address, and the information upon which the interference is made, the justified reason and the method of interference.

Also, the person whose information is processed has the right to ask, without justification, free of charge, in written, through recommended letter with receipt on receive, dated and signed, that the personal information shall not be processed by SC SABON HOLDINGS  SRL for direct marketing purposes. Within 15 days upon request according to the above mentioned regulations, S.C. SABON HOLDINGS S.R.L. will notify in written regarding the requested information and, if the case, the measures taken.


S.C. SABON HOLDINGS S.R.L. has the right to modify the regulations concerning the „Royal Passport” program, throughout the entire period of the program, without prior notice for the members and without their agreement, on condition that the modifications do not refer to the personal information of faithful customers.

By participating in this program, members agree to conform to the terms and conditions of these Regulations regarding the “Royal Passport”.