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Mango-Kiwi SABON Collection

Mango-Kiwi SABON Collection

Would you like to escape to somewhere beautifully tropical?
Then you’ll love SABON’s exotic, summery new MANGO KIWI collection.
Close your eyes and be whisked away to a peaceful tropical island where the blue sea, warm golden sand and swaying palm trees make a paradise just for you...!


Mango Kiwi Fragrance


A delightful blend of tropical fruits… where sweet Mango merges with a fresh and fizzing note of Kiwi.
Top notes of sweet Pear that last for eternity, followed by exotic Mango and kiwi with a firm base of Musk, giving this fragrance an uplifting and bursting sensation.


Top notes: Pear, Lychee | Middle notes: Kiwi, Mango |  Base notes: Musk