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Discover the secret of ancient beauty!

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Discover the secret of ancient beauty!

Did you know that the beautiful and fierce queen of Egypt used to travel to the Dead Sea just to bathe in its peaceful and beneficial waters? It seems that there he had discovered the secret of ageless youth!

Follow in Queen Cleopatra's footsteps and adopt her ultimate pampering ritual!

The mineral-rich waters, mud and salts of the Dead Sea boast an unparalleled composition: 21 natural minerals, including an amazing concentration of magnesium, 15 times higher than any other sea! The miraculous black mud and Dead Sea salts are the crown jewels of our new cosmetic range.

Three miraculous ingredients

We invite you to enjoy the pleasure of trying on your skin some of the secrets of the collection that will be launched soon! The formulas of the new care products are based on three ingredients that have proven their benefits since ancient times:

Black mud from the Dead Sea

Sourced from the shores of the Dead Sea, this wild and pure black mud possesses exceptional purifying and regenerating properties. Renowned for its detoxifying ability, it effectively absorbs excess sebum, minimizes imperfections and refines skin texture.

Guess what you will find in the box of wonders?
Guess what you will find in the box of wonders?
Here are some hints!
  • An innovative cleansing product (290 ml) with a creamy texture!
  • A product (200 ml) that masks... only to reveal!
  • A product (200 ml) neither cream nor oil... but balm for skin and senses!
  • Also, along with these wonders, you will also enjoy an accessory created by La Fleur Boheme!

Choose one of the two handmade creations with natural and delicate elements, unique in shape and color: hair accessory or bracelet.

An advantage of preserved natural elements is the fact that they retain their beauty over the years with a minimum of care.

Therefore, in order to enjoy them for a long time, they should not be kept near heat sources or in strong sunlight and should not be watered.

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