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Nail and Cuticle Oil Blossom
Limited Edition
Nail and Cuticle Oil BlossomNail and Cuticle Oil BlossomNail and Cuticle Oil BlossomNail and Cuticle Oil Blossom

Nail and Cuticle Oil Blossom - 10 ml

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  • The innovative serum for nails and cuticles!
    An exclusive new “Serum” formula Made of a perfect combination of Jojoba oil + Sweet almond oil with real rose petals.
    Fragrance free - 100% natural origin.

    NEW Benefit: Immediate and long-lasting nourishing effect for nails & cuticles.
    Premium Glass bottle + pipette.
    A “serum like” packaging to deliver the precious drops on nails.
  • On clean hands, apply few drops of oil. Gently massage the nails and cuticles and wait for the oil to infused the skin.

  • For all skin types.

  • Quantity 10 ml
    Packaging Glass
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