Best autumn weekend ideas for your own happiness and peace

Best autumn weekend ideas for your own happiness and peace

22 October 2021 Estimated time: ~2 min.

Summer is over and so the weekends spent by the sea, but that does not mean that autumn will get us bored! There are so many fun activities that we can enjoy during this season!

Colder weather is perfect for a variety of sports. Even the fall has many sunny days, so don’t be afraid to plan certain outdoor sports activities. You can go hiking or, why not, just for an aerosol treatment by the sea. Or you can go cycling, skating or jogging in the park.

If the weather decides to ruin your outdoor plans, you can go swimming in an indoor pool, go to gym or practice indoor climbing. Don’t worry if you’ll have a muscle soreness on Monday morning, because with it comes serotonin, the hormone of happiness that we really need to cope with the autumn asthenia!

If you don’t like sports or you just want to spend a relaxing weekend, you can take a walk around the city with your best friend, life partner or even alone! Maybe a new bistro or cafe has opened in the city that you haven’t been able to give it a try yet!

If the weather is nice, you can take a slow walk in the city, paying attention to the buildings that you may not have had time to admire up close. Be like a tourist in your own city! A great idea to spend a weekend is a tour of the historic houses, and the list is for sure very long! It is fascinating to find out what personalities lived there, what is the history of that house, what transformations it went through ...

Autumn is the season of cultural events - theaters, philharmonics, clubs and, why not, cinemas! Now is the perfect opportunity to finally go to that theater show you have long wanted to see or to listen to a live concert.

Take care of yourself and rest well in the fall. Go for a wellness weekend, go for a massage, a reiki session or a cosmetic treatment. If not, pamper yourself at home! A bubble bath and scented salts, a moisturizing mask, a book by your side and a delicious cocktail can be the key ingredients of a relaxing autumn weekend!


Best autumn weekend ideas for your own happiness and peace
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