Ayurveda in Autumn – tips to stay balanced at the start of fall

Ayurveda in Autumn – tips to stay balanced at the start of fall

16 September 2022 Estimated time: ~2 min.

Ayurveda in Autumn – tips to stay balanced at the start of fall

We have entered a dry, cold and indecisive season, specific qualities of Vata Dosha, which is why autumn is considered the season of Vata, according to the ancient Indian science called Ayurveda. Vata traits are hardness, inconsistency, light and col

Autumn can bring a series of problems that the weather conditions either trigger or make worse. Among them are: cooling of the extremities, drying of the skin, joint stiffness, restlessness, nervousness, insomnia.

Ayurveda teaches us the art of cultivating personal well-being, how to maintain our internal balance through healthy and gentle decisions.

What we eat in Vata season

In Ayurvedic medicine, highly nutritious foods are part of the category of foods that nourish the ojas, i.e. the immune system.

So, if in the summer it is recommended to eat natural raw food, during the cold season it is rather advisable to eat food cooked by thermal preparation.

Soups, stews, vegetables and ripe fruits are ideal during autumn. You can also choose a hot breakfast, prepared from whole grains (oat flakes, barley) boiled and flavored with cinnamon, vanilla or nuts or dried fruits.

Because the body needs more heat, with the arrival of the cold, cravings for sweeter, saltier, more sour and spicy foods may appear. Rice pudding with cinnamon and nutmeg, warm baked fruits with cinnamon and cloves are nutritious desserts for autumn.

Warm herbal teas, with ginger, cinnamon, cloves, are drinks that offer balance in the autumn season.

The importance of nourishing the skin

In the Vata season, nourishing the body plays an extremely important role, whether we are talking about food or moisturizing the skin, this precious covering of our body.

Some specialists recommend that moisturizers be used after showering, but characteristic of Ayurveda is that the skin should be moisturized first and then cleansed. It seems counterintuitive, but try it! When applying body oil before showering, the warm water will open the pores and help the oil penetrate deeper into the tissues.

To hydrate the skin even more intensively, you can use a shower oil instead of the usual soap or gel. Thanks to the rich content of olive, avocado, jojoba and wheat germ essential oils, the shower oil preserves the skin’s natural hydration balance. Moreover, it is enriched with Omega 3, 6, 7, 9 and vitamins A, E.

And don’t forget the spirit...

Walking among dry autumn leaves, yoga and meditation are perfect fall activities that balance the spirit and provide that inner peace we all long for.


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