Be proud of yourself!

Be proud of yourself!

9 July 2021 Estimated time: ~2 min.

Self-confidence is one of the building blocks of a solid, beautiful and healthy relationship with ourselves, not just those around us.

When you trust yourself, you allow yourself to make mistakes and start over, not to accuse yourself more than others do, to be gentle and tolerant of yourself, to be proud of yourself even if something went wrong at the first try and encourage yourself for a new attempt. 

The brain can be educated to think positively 

Therapy with positive affirmations can change programs and mentalities by taking root in the subconscious by repeating statements with which you do not necessarily agree in the first phase. However, it is proven that by repeating them daily, for at least 21 days, the brain appropriates them and becomes yours. 

Statements for increasing self-confidence

1. I can stand that I don’t get what I want or what I need.

2. No law says that the opinions of others are more valid than my opinions.

3. I have the right to say NO or YES when I see fit, not to please others.

4. I feel good in my skin, even if someone doesn’t like me. What others think of me is not my problem, but theirs and theirs alone.

5. I gave up all negative thoughts and feelings about myself.

6. I love and accept myself unconditionally.

7. I trust myself and forgive myself when I am wrong. 

Identify your qualities

A very good exercise to increase self-confidence is to associate three qualities with a defect identified by those around you. Every time you are reproached for not cooking well, for example, find three qualities. You can even write them on a piece of paper. "Ok, I don’t know how to make a good soup, but I can bake the yummiest muffins, I have a wonderful singing voice, I know two foreign languages ​​and I love to save abandoned animals!"

You will see that the frustration of not having a masterchef talent won’t even set in! 

Stay away from people who demoralize you

Eat healthy, get your vitamins, get enough sleep, exercise, make time for your hobbies, go to the hairdresser and ... clean up around you - meaning stay away from people who pull you down, constantly demoralize you, criticize, people who can’t encourage you to follow your dreams and tell you that your goals are too bold! They are not!


Be proud of yourself!