3 workouts to try on the beach

3 workouts to try on the beach

8 July 2022 Estimated time: ~2 min.

3 workouts to try on the beach

The figure we work hard on many months before the summer holidays needs maintenance, especially when we forget about the diet on relaxing days. Here are some simple exercises to do by the sea!

Easy walking or jogging

The morning on the beach is perfect for healthy tanning, aerosols, but also exercise. To warm up, start with a walk or five minutes of jogging on the seafront or even on the beach, barefoot, in the beating of the waves. In addition to exercise and aerosols, you also get an excellent foot massage!

Being a rugged terrain, jogging on the beach means more effort than on asphalt or treadmills.

If you are not a big fan of running, you can opt for a quick walk by the sea. Before or after breakfast, to promote digestion. Don’t forget the SPF!

Find out that bending to look for beautiful shells is also an extremely effective movement for the back and leg muscles, but also for the abdomen!

Swimming or jumping over waves

Swimming increases heart rate and strengthens the cardiovascular system without putting too much pressure on the joints and bones. It also tones the muscles, and numerous studies have shown that swimming can help lower blood pressure and control blood sugar.

If you don’t know how to swim, you can jump over the waves. Experts say that 30 minutes of jumping over the waves is equivalent to a cardio workout that works especially on the shoulders and spine. 

Jumping Jacks on the sand and in the water

Jumping is excellent for muscle toning and for improving body posture. Do ten jumping jacks, stop and count to 8, then repeat.

Another effective exercise: sit on the sand with your knees bent and your hands behind you, your fingers pointing at you. Raise your bottom and walk backwards (a movement also known as "crab walking"). Change direction and get back to where you left off.

When the sea water level reaches the waist, stop and do some small exercises. Keep your body as straight as possible and then rotate it left and right. It takes ten moves on each side for a wasp waist!


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