Beautiful body at any age

Beautiful body at any age

26 May 2020 Estimated time: ~2 min.

The years go by, we change, both inside and out, but one thing remains unchanged: we want to feel attractive, wanted, comfortable in our skin, whatever our age. Here’s what we can do!

As the years go by, we can no longer look like we did in adolescence, if we had a perfect body in those days. Or we can look even better than then, if we made positive changes in our lifestyle and the way we take care of ourselves, of our body. In short, we can be slim, harmonious, well-proportioned, sexy, at any age, adapting our lifestyle, diet and care procedures to the stage of life we are going through.


At 20-30 years old
In this decade we have the best chances to be thin and with harmonious proportions, because we can still enjoy a diligent metabolism, energy and dynamism. Many women retain their adolescent figure, firm skin and good muscle tone at this stage of their lives. After giving birth, during this period the body returns most quickly to the form before pregnancy.
What to do: keep a balanced diet, rich in protein and healthy carbohydrates, assimilated from fresh fruits. Take advantage of the overflowing energy to do a lot of sports, especially outdoors: team sports, tennis, mountain hiking that keeps your muscles in shape and slim waist. Moisturize the skin after each shower with a nourishing lotion, to mantain its hydration level and keep it velvety.


At 30-40 years old
From the age of 30, the natural process of regenerating the skin and muscles slows down visibly. Thus, the first wrinkles and the first signs of cellulite that do not go away when we lose weight appear, the breasts can lose their firmness and we notice that the fight with the extra weight becomes harder and harder.
What to do: Strictly monitor the amount of sugars in your diet, minimizing portions of sweets, pasta, alcohol and even fruit. Any excess begins to be seen in the waist area, belly fat begin to appear. Supplement the exercise you do daily with an hour or two a week of more intense physical training at the gym: aerobics, fitness, swimming.
To keep your skin toned, use twice a day lotions that preserve its firmness (anti-cellulite) and introduce in your care routine an hour or two of massage, weekly.


At 40-50 years old
It’s a time when efforts to keep our bodies well proportioned are increasingly exhausting. Muscle mass decreases day by day, and fat deposits, especially those in the abdominal area, become increasingly difficult to prevent and combat. The hormonal transformations of this period, associated with premenopause, give us the impression that we are gaining weight "just by breathing". This is not the case, except that the body does not overlook any food excess.
What to do: You have to exercise every day, whether it’s just walking. If you haven’t considered the food supplement option yet, it’s time to do it. The body needs calcium, vitamins (D, B12), minerals (magnesium, potassium, zinc) and essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6, 9) to stay in shape. After 45, you can use supplements (Evening Primrose, Black Cohosh, Ginseng) that recalibrate female hormones, help rejuvenate the skin, preserve the vigor of hair and nails and stimulate libido.
An hour a day of moderate exercise and stretching, plus half an hour of massage are needed for good tone, both muscular and emotional.


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