How to layer your beauty products

How to layer your beauty products

22 September 2020 Estimated time: ~1 min.

Applying skin care products in the right order ensures the most effective and deep absorption of the active ingredients in each cosmetic product.

Here are the steps for an effective beauty routine with excellent long-term results!


1. Remove makeup and impurities

Before applying creams and serums, make sure that any traces of makeup or dust collected in the pores have been completely removed. And make-up removal can be done in several stages, using several products, to achieve the desired result - an impeccable clean skin.

  • You can start with a cleansing wipe to remove the "bulk" of makeup and / or dirt. Wipe from the center to the outside, applying moderate pressure.
  • Continue cleansing with a gentle face exfoliant, which will remove the rest of the impurities and dead cells.
  • End the cleansing process with a cleansing oil that will remove the last impurities, nourishing and rehydrating at the same time the skin.


2 Apply a toner

A tonic lotion will close the pores reducing the visibility of skin stains and wrinkles. The toner must be completely absorbed by the skin, that’s why you have to apply it on a perfectly clean face. Make sure you choose a toner formula that suits your skin type.


3. Apply the treatment serums

If until now you have not been convinced of the effectiveness of serums containing active substances beneficial to the skin, once you notice how after a month of daily use, your skin wonderfully changes for the better, becoming younger, smoother, brighter, you won’t be able to live without them in your life!

The order of their application is simple: start with the most watery serums and end with the most viscous ones. For example, the jelly-like acid hyaluronic serum will be the last, to seal everything in. Wait a minute or two before applying a new layer to allow the previously applied serum layer to be completely absorbed by the skin.

What serums to choose? Depending on your skin problems, go by the following formulas:

  • For acne, serums with vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), Vitamin A (tretinoin, retinol), zinc, salicylic acid.
  • For dry skin, choose formulas that include vitamin E, glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid.

- For firmness, apply serums that include antioxidants, such as green tea extract.


If you have sensitive skin, you can apply a layer of moisturizer before the serums. This trick helps prevent irritation (some highly active serums, such as those with Vit. C and Vit. A, can irritate the surface layer of the skin).


4. Massage moisturizer / anti-wrinkle cream into the skin

Starting from the neck and continuing to the hairline, gently apply your favorite day, night, or anti-wrinkle cream. Do not forget about the décolleté area, an indication that also applies to serums. The moisturizer, in addition to its active properties mentioned on the package, has another: it seals the previously applied serum layers and soothes the skin.


How to layer your beauty products
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