Body positivity – love your body!

Body positivity – love your body!

14 December 2021 Estimated time: ~2 min.

The more we talk about love and self-acceptance, the harder it is to acquire this feeling of unconditional self-love. We look at ourselves in the mirror and it is difficult for us to put a like on the image in front of our eyes ...

We sign petitions and we support campaigns to stop bullying, but have you ever thought that maybe you are your toughest critic? We put likes and hearts on social networks - so many that sometimes there is no ‘Like’ left for ourselves. Let’s try to change this unproductive attitude, in which we find ourselves flawed even when it’s not the case, what do you say?

Health before appearance. You will be delighted to discover that your whole life will change for the better when you are more concerned with health than physical appearance. Eat healthy, not necessarily low in calories; exercise (any way!) to feel good and get rid of the obsession with cellulite or belly fat. Sleep well, walk, enjoy the sun, nature, fresh air. Physical changes must be made slowly, patiently, without pursuing a specific goal.

No comparisons! Ideally, we do not want to look like anyone, but to become the best and most beautiful version of ourselves. We are unique, that is the beauty of the world, in fact. Why would you like to be copy of other person - enjoy your uniqueness. You’re one in seven billion! Wow!

Thank your body! A good idea would be to imagine your body as a very good and dear friend and to thank him every morning or evening for being a perfect machine that works 24/24 to keep you alive. Thank your feet for carying you in dream places, your eyes for allowing you to see so much beauty, your ears for letting you hear wonderful music and the voices of your loved ones ... Thank to your heart that beats uninterrupted. And so on! You will see, in time, that you will become kinder to your body and you will love it with everything that is considered "a defect"! Be gentle with your body, with yourself!

Stay away of toxic people! Also related to self-respect would be the removal of those people with whom you do not (no longer) resonate. Surround yourself with positive people who encourage you, help you discover who you really are, without masks and filters, to accept and love yourself and get rid of people who forever emphasize your flaws and fuel your frustrations.

Make time for yourself! At least one day a week book a day just for you, to pamper yourself as you deserve! Prepare a bubble bath, make time for all your lotions and body creams, light scented candles, play your favorite music all over the house, meditate, make positive statements, read, watch your favorite series while enjoying a hot chocolate on top of the bed! Be your best friend!


Body positivity – love your body!
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