What body care fragrance suits best your zodiac sign?

What body care fragrance suits best your zodiac sign?

14 January 2022 Estimated time: ~2 min.

It is no coincidence that you are attracted to one flavor and dislike another! Astrologers say that there are not only crystals for each sign, but also specific perfumes that enhance the qualities of the natives.

So, Aries is attracted to honeysuckle, tulips or carnations and loves cosmetics and perfumes that contain chamomile. It relaxes you after a tiring day, and the aroma of pine gives you protection and peace. It is recommended to use shower products and body creams that contain cedar essences for revitalization, and orange to get rid of headaches.

Taurus loves floral-fruity essences and the aromas of apple, jasmine or rose delight their senses. These aromas relax you, amplify your inner peace and optimism.

For Gemini, the scent of lavender helps them focus, enhances their creativity and imagination. Surely you took a deep breath when you used a lavender shower oil or a body lotion with this perfume.

Cancers love marine flavors. Choose cosmetics with seaweed extracts from the North Sea that soothe the skin, protect it from harmful environmental factors and maintain the balanced activity of the cells.

Leo is attracted to amber. It stimulates calm, generosity and banishes inner tensions. In the morning it is good to use soaps or shower gel based on orange blossoms, because it awakens all your senses and gives you energy to move mountains.

Virgos love clean, freshly washed linen scents, and often use this type of perfume for towels, curtains, or bedding. Nothing relaxes them more!

Roses are the ones that can help Libra to feel good and open their heart, so if you are under the influence of this zodiac sign, you always have in your routine shower care oil, body cream or rose-scented hand creams.

Patchouli is, without a doubt, the signature aroma of Scorpios! It gives you strength, courage, a special charm. Awaken all the senses, in a word, and feel that you can conquer the world with a drop of perfume with patchouli (new blog link about patchouli).

Citrus fruits take any Sagittarius out of anonymity! Wear fragrance with orange or lemon flavor when you are faced with important decisions and you will see how easy it is to make the right decision.

If you are a Capricorn, find out that the aromas of amber, patchouli and sandalwood help you to express yourself effectively and to reduce the states of fatigue, of overload.

You need an optimistic fragrance that suggests originality and zest for life. So, if you are Aquarius, opt for cosmetics with lemon, pepper and cedar flavors, and if you want to be irresistible, jasmine is your signature perfume!

Pisces love fruity, sweet, dizzying aromas! Try the fragrances with strawberries, pear, apple, seasoned with a little red pepper or coriander, and for an extra charm, first apply a body lotion with raspberries.


What body care fragrance suits best your zodiac sign?
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