How to burn effortless the holiday calories

How to burn effortless the holiday calories

28 August 2020 Estimated time: ~2 min.

Calories are not burned only if you spend long hours in the gym or if you skip meals. With a healthy diet, plus a few tricks, it’s easier than you think to get rid of the extra pounds you came back from vacation.

It is very important what you eat, if you want to lose weight, but also how you eat. That troublesome system called metabolism works differently from person to person: in some cases it is more lazy and in others more active. And when the metabolism gives maximum efficiency, the calories ingested are converted into energy not into fat deposited on your hips.


Quickly reset for metabolism

First of all, get used to do daily a few exercises that work all your muscles (dance, for example!). Another trick to invigorate the metabolism is to drink, as often as you can and in small sips, cold water. Studies have shown that if you get into the habit of drinking eight large glasses of water, one of which in the morning, on an empty stomach, your metabolism will become 30% more efficient. For a splash of flavor and extra vitamin C, throw into the glass of water a thick slice of lemon.


Not all fats are bad fats

Nutritionists’ research has shown the importance of good fats when it comes to losing weight easily. So don’t be scared of fats! The healthy ones, your can take from your breakfast, work wonders for a slim figure. Here’s what you can have in the morning:

  • An omelet from two eggs, prepared with a teaspoon of olive oil;
  • A slice of wholemeal bread with a thin layer of peanut butter;
  • A half an avocado and a thin slice of cheese;


Changes in some eating habits

If you are the type who cannot follow a strict diet or you are against diets for weight loss and the stress generated by them, all you have to do is reduce your caloric intake by the way you prepare food and by the discipline of the way you eat. Here are some simple rules that, once implemented in your daily routine, will definitely work:


  • Switch on whole foods! Replace white flour with wholemeal flour, even for cakes - they come out just as tasty! It is advisable to switch from white to black when it comes to bread, pasta, rice.
  • Chew the food well. If you eat on the run, your digestion suffers, plus you will eat more than you need, as food does not stay in contact with your taste buds long enough, and the nervous system will be notified much later that you are tired.
  • Rely on negative calories. Some nutritionists say they are a myth, others believe that there are foods that require for digestion more calories than those contained in that food. But it doesn’t cost you anything to try to include them in your daily diet, especially since they are vegetables and fruits. Try to eat more cauliflower, broccoli, sweet cabbage, bell peppers, black radishes, celery. The champion of negative calories is the pineapple - but be careful, eat it fresh!


How to burn effortless the holiday calories