Beauty secrets for cold days

Beauty secrets for cold days

6 November 2020 Estimated time: ~2 min.

The cold does not hold up well with the skin, which gets pleasantly flushed, but, in depth, suffers. Here’s what you need to do to protect your beauty in the winter.

In winter, the biggest problem of the skin is dehydration. Lips and hands also suffer. Let’s see what to do, depending on the affected area.


Use rich textures

Even if you have oily skin, in cold weather, replace the astringent creams and lotions, which contain alcohol, with strong moisturizers, rich in natural, nourishing ingredients. For dry skin , choose oily, creamy face products. Cosmetics used in cold days must contain SPF, especially if you venture into snowy areas.


Get rid of nose redness

It occurs because the blood vessels suddenly dilate when we take our noses out in the cold air, to facilitate peripheral circulation. This effect can be camouflaged by a foundation with high coverage, and when you enter the house from the cold, put on your nose a handkerchief moistened with warm water and keep it for a few minutes.


Keep your lips from cracking

The fine skin of the lips will not crack from the frost if you use a repairing lip balm or a little olive oil before leaving the house. The lipstick is good to be creamy, moisturizing: give up for a while the transfer-resistant lipsticks, which dry the lips.


Take care of your hands at night

Outside, even if you keep them in gloves, the cold still reaches them, plus the rubbing with the fabric makes them even more sensitive. The solution is a kind of counterintuitive: before going to bed, apply on your hands an rich, moisturising cream and wear again ... gloves! But some thin ones, made of cotton (you can make them yourself, from an old T-shirt). In the morning you will have velvety hands, well hydrated, ready to face a new cold day!


Beauty secrets for cold days