5 tips for a durable hair color in the warm season

5 tips for a durable hair color in the warm season

10 August 2021 Estimated time: ~2 min.

UVB rays, high humidity, chemicals in the pool, and salinity of seawater lead to degradation of hair color, especially dyed. Here’s what you can do to keep it bright and vibrant!

During the holiday season at sea, we must also pay special attention to hair care, not just skin, especially if we want to enjoy the color of our hair. Otherwise, seawater, chlorine in the pool and the sun lead to discoloration and drying of the hair.

If natural hair has all the chances to get a few bleached strands that are pleasing to the eye, dyed hair takes on irregular copper shades and loses its shine. Brunettes and the redheads, who go on holiday to the sea with bright hair color return with dull hair and unpleasant orange shades.

Here’s what you can do: 

1. Wear hats! A wide-brimmed hat, worn every time outdoors and especially at the beach, remains the best weapon for protection against UV radiation. There are even models made of materials treated with anti-UV substances, special for maintaining the health and color of the hair during the summer. 

2. Protect hair by spraying with UV filters. Another effective method is to apply a thermal protective spray, especially before going to the beach or the pool. Reapply the product every time you use the sunscreen and after every bath. Thanks to UV filters, which maintain the protein bonds inside the hair fibers, the spray blocks harmful radiation and, in addition, moisturizes, facilitates combing and leaves the hair soft to the touch.

3. Choose products that nourish your hair after sun exposure. Your hair needs more hydration during the summer, especially during and after a holiday by the sea, and that’s why it is important to use special shampoos, conditioners, and masks for dry and brittle hair. Some also have UV protection! After-sun hair cosmetics are much gentler and aim to remove aggressive residues of salt, sand and chlorine. They also have an intense moisturizing action for hair and scalp. In addition, they maintain the intensity of the hair color, which fades easily and quickly in the sun. 

4. Give a holiday to styling products. Try, as much as possible, to give up hair mousse or hairspray during the summer. The substances in these products, especially alcohol, aggravate the extent to which the sun’s rays degrade hair and cause it to lose its vitality. 

5. Postpone coloring your hair. Dyeing your hair in the summer extra-dries the hair, especially for blondes. If you really need to dye your hair, do it at least two weeks before the beach vacation, only at the roots, and pamper your hair with masks, serums, and nourishing oils!


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