5 ways to get active on Earth Day

5 ways to get active on Earth Day

22 April 2022 Estimated time: ~2 min.

Earth Day has been celebrated for 52 years and brings to our attention the need to protect the environment. Here’s how we can actively celebrate it!

Earth Day was founded by US Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970 in order to draw the attention of the political class about the disinterest in the environment. Subsequently, the senator managed to convince politicians of the need to adopt appropriate legislation for environmental protection: the law of clean air, control of toxic substances, water quality, etc.

April 22 was set as Earth Day by the United Nations (UN) in 2009.

Earth Day is an excellent opportunity to bring our children closer to nature and to make them responsible, adapted to their age, of course, in the sense of protecting the environment.

It can be a good idea to watch, with the little ones, documentaries about plants, trees, nature. Or you can draw nature landscapes with them. You can set concrete themes together, such as: whoever draws the most beautiful tree receives a prize. Or listen to the sounds of nature with the children and play who guesses first what sound is heard.

 "Put your finger on the map!" Another interesting game you can play with the little ones: spin an Earth globe and, in turn, put your finger where the globe stops. Whoever is in line, read the name of that country, and you’all can learn the capital or read something interesting about that place. Google knows it all!

On the other hand, preparing a salad with seasonal plants and vegetables with children can be a very enjoyable activity. You can take advantage of the moment and explain in a few words to the little ones what each plant is, what vitamins it has and how it helps us to be healthy.

On Earth Day, plant a tree! Or put seeds, flowers, seedlings in the garden or, why not, on the balcony! If you are a parent, this activity can be all the more beautiful and educational if you involve the little ones as well. They will be very proud, over the years, to know that they planted that cherry tree... Maybe you can choose a tree according to their favorite fruits!

To love the Earth also means to pollute it less and we are all aware of how plastic suffocates the planet at this moment. Therefore, giving up buying PETs with water every day and replacing them with reusable bottles would be a step towards less waste. And what we can do, from time to time, is go out into the wild and clean the place! Mobilize the family for an active picnic ! Take good food with you, but also a few garbage bags in which to collect pets, papers or other objects and debris that have no place in a neat and welcoming natural environment.


5 ways to get active on Earth Day
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