Eco friendly Xmas decorations - original and easy ideas

Eco friendly Xmas decorations - original and easy ideas

21 December 2021 Estimated time: ~2 min.

A fragrant house with a fresh fir scent is really ready for Christmas, but what would you say if this year you let yourself inspired by the eco spirit and make some... special decorations?

The traditional Christmas tree has always been the key element of Christmas, but we could, however, in the month of giving, make the most beautiful gift to nature and leave the green trees alive - which we enjoy only a few days anyway, if they are cut. In one year, an ordinary fir tree absorbs over 6 kg of CO2 and releases enough oxygen for a family of four. That being said, how about some ideas for eco Christmas trees?

Celebrate your creativity!

A Christmas tree made by your hands, using unique materials, preferably recyclable and ingeniously crafted, could bring you even more joy than a traditional Xmas tree. And if you train your children in this game, the fun is guaranteed!

If you are an avid reader, you can make fabulous fir trees from books. Choose the place where you want to put the tree, then make a base of the bigger books and add layer after layer, keeping a conical shape until you bring it to the desired height. At the top you can put an angel, to keep the tradition, multicolored installation and the... „intellectual” Christmas tree is ready!

The Internet abounds with ingenious ideas. You can make a plan with the little ones, for example, and let them draw on a special board, with colored chalk, the perfect Christmas tree. You can paint and decorate it with toys, fir cones, light bulbs and tinsel, and then display it as a real work of art in a place of honor, in the most beautiful place in the house! Kids will be proud to see how appreciated their Christmas tree is!

Also, a mini-library that suggests the shape of the Christmas tree is a nice decorative object that can keep the spirit of the winter holidays in your house all year round.

Don’t throw it away, beautify it!

From fir cones and dry twigs you can make beautiful wreaths to decorate the house for Christmas or to give as a gift to friends. You can decorate them with orange slices dried in the oven, rosehips, bows, lollipops, cinnamon sticks ...

Glass jars left over from cosmetics can become holders for scented candles. You can paint them with special golden paint, and then decorate them with glitter, sequins, fir twigs, bows and they can become real ornaments on the Christmas table or excellent gifts for your loved ones.


Eco friendly Xmas decorations - original and easy ideas
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