Earh Day: help the planet & teach yourself to become eco friendly!

Earh Day: help the planet & teach yourself to become eco friendly!

20 April 2021 Estimated time: ~2 min.

On April 22, we celebrate Earth Day, and the most beautiful gifts we can give our planet are gestures that limit waste and promote recycling.

According to recent studies, EU citizens buy more than 12 kg of clothes a year, producing 195 million tonnes of CO2 in the atmosphere and consuming 46 billion cubic meters of water! With these numbers, clothing accounts for between 2% and 10% of the environmental impact of overall EU consumption. And more than half of the discarded clothes are not recycled ...

On Earth Day, you have five alternatives at your disposal to throw away the clothes you no longer wear: donate them to someone who needs them, trade with girlfriends, new DIY creations, fall in love again with vintage items or turn them in pillowcases or toys. Why not, if your clothes are in good condition or even new, you can sell them at vintage fairs or groups created especially for this purpose on social networks!


Recycle household waste and batteries

There are many programs and campaigns in this regard, you just have to do a Google search. There are associations that collect waste for free, and some campaigns also involve discount vouchers for the purchase of new household items.

Used batteries are more dangerous than you might think! They contain extremely toxic heavy metals, which, once in nature or improperly disposed of, can contaminate soil and groundwater. Therefore, it is important to recycle them at special centers or at the information desk of some of the hypermarkets. In some places, you get new batteries in exchange!


Reuse glass holders

Glass jars of cosmetics can become beautiful decorative objects, flower pots, scented candle holders, storage spaces or sewing kits. At the same time, the little ones can put their imagination to work and paint them as they please, and later, they can become their supports for pencils or other toys.

Pet bottles can be turned into flower pots or other decorative objects, and you can find a lot of ideas on the internet. Don’t forget that it takes at least 45 years for the simplest plastic objects to disintegrate!

If you do not have time or are not passionate about such DIY activities, you can take glass, plastic or aluminum containers to special collection centers or recycling machines, some located in the parking lots or hallways of large stores. You also receive shopping coupons for this!


Turn off the water when you don’t need it

A free-flowing faucet - such as when brushing our teeth - wastes water at a rate of 6 liters per minute. That’s why it’s good to remember to turn off the tap when brushing our teeth or working in the kitchen.

An important tip for saving water in the bathroom is to buy a toilet tank with two flaps, which gives the user the opportunity to choose how much water to use, depending on ... situation. Specifically, this means 4-6 liters of water, compared to the classic system, which can consume 13 liters of water for a single use!


Be stingy with energy consumption

Lighting accounts for up to 20% of total electricity consumption in our homes and the easiest way to reduce electricity bills is to replace incandescent light bulbs with environmentally friendly and less consuming ones. Energy-saving and LED bulbs consume up to 80-90% less electricity.

For the garden, yard or balcony, you can choose light bulbs or solar lamps, which charge during the day and turn on automatically when it gets dark! Save energy and turn your garden into a space full of magic!


Earh Day: help the planet & teach yourself to become eco friendly!