5 lifestyle tips for an elegant posture

5 lifestyle tips for an elegant posture

29 April 2022 Estimated time: ~2 min.

Elegant posture means the position of our body not only when we sit, but also when we walk, eat, stand or get out of the car. Gestures accompanied, of course, by a proper attitude!

"Head up and back straight!" Did you hear that line often when you were a kid?

A correct and elegant posture means less back or neck pain, a more efficient way of moving and improved circulation. When we do not adopt a correct posture, either lying down, walking or sitting, we subject the body to unnecessary pressure that causes pain and discomfort.

In addition, an elegant posture defines a balanced person, who cares about the way he feels and looks at all times.

Tips for an elegant posture:

1. When standing, arch your spine so that you can imagine that your shoulders and back can touch an invisible wall in the back! We can borrow from the gestures of royal faces when we are in trouble. For example, Meghan Markle’s chin is always parallel to the floor, even when talking to someone, her hands are slightly relaxed to the side, not clenched, and her shoulders are pulled back slightly. The legs are side by side, and often stand in front of each other.

2. Change the mattress if you don’t rest well! A mattress that is too soft and uneven can be the cause of back and neck pain. Quality sleep, on a proper mattress, preferably on the back, can even correct certain posture defects over time, because you sleep with your back straight.

3. Do physical exercises to correct your posture! Simple exercises include knee bends, shoulder rotations and combinations of arm and leg extensions. You can also try yoga, and the "child pose" helps you stretch your spine well and relax your muscles.

4. You can use a few tricks to have an elegant posture: often look in the direction of the shoulder blades - if you can see them, your back is too curved. In addition, make sure that the pelvis is not facing forward, but is aligned with the back.

5. Inner feelings make their mark on our facial expressions, gestures, posture. When we are healthy, positive and in a good mood, our whole body expresses that. Otherwise, we have our backs bent, we look at the ground, as if we are hiding in an invisible shell. A self-confident posture, namely a straight back and a raised chin, stimulates the production of well-being hormones, thus influencing not only physical health but also mental health!


5 lifestyle tips for an elegant posture
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