3 tips for an energising morning shower!

3 tips for an energising morning shower!

18 January 2022 Estimated time: ~2 min.

When the alarm goes off in the morning and no matter how much you wish it was the weekend, you have to go to the office, you need a strong coffee and an energizing shower. You choose their order according to the power they have over your sleep!

Waking up in the morning can be a big hassle if you are not a morning person or have trouble sleeping. The whole day can be affected by the quality of sleep or, rather, by its lack.

What can you do, though? First of all, don’t press the SNOOZE button - it’s good to wake up as soon as the alarm goes off. The more time we spend and tell ourselves that we only sleep a few extra minutes, the harder it will be to start our engines. Ideally, you should place the alarm clock or phone as far away from you as possible so that you need to get out of bed to stop it.

1.     Take a shower first

Try the shower option first of all, you will see that you enjoy coffee and breakfast better.

So, with all the strength you have as soon as you turn off the alarm, go in the shower, even if there is a risk of sitting with your eyes closed for the first few minutes. It’s okay, once you feel the warm water on your skin (not hot, because it will soften you worse!), you’ll fill all your senses revived!

2.     Use a revitalizing perfume

A revitalizing shower oil with fresh aromas will be very helpful, which will activate all your senses. The citrus scent, for example, is wonderful in the morning, because it has a tonic effect and gives you a good start to the whole day.

3.     Get the blood moving

Gloomy mornings can be turned into real moments of pampering with the right scents, and for a boost of freshness you can use an abrasive glove or a shower brush that gently massages your skin, putting blood into circulation.

For the face you can use cold water to wake up faster and tone the skin, and a gentle foam that cleanses the sebum and impurities accumulated in the pores overnight. After the shower, you can refresh your skin with a tonic lotion, and if you apply self-massage for only 2-3 minutes, you will feel really invigorated and ready to face a new day!


3 tips for an energising morning shower!
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