Best essential oils for summer

Best essential oils for summer

26 July 2022 Estimated time: ~2 min.

Best essential oils for summer

Summer has its pleasures, but it also comes with discomfort that we feel on our skin, literally. But find out that essential oils can get rid of various problems this season!

Summer means relaxation, holidays, sunbathing ... But also mosquito bites, sunburn, pollen allergy, discomfort, agitation, insomnia. High temperatures have this effect on us, unfortunately, but essential oils can be a real help!

What are the most suitable essential oils to make our summer more beautiful?

Geranium essential oil is an excellent repellent against ticks and mosquitoes. Useful for any skin problem that may occur in summer: insect bites, cuts, scratches, sunburn, irritation, bruising, etc. It helps also the hair, which can be degraded by UV rays and sea salt water.

It is soothing, relaxing, balancing; changes the mood to the better, nurtures a sense of security. Can be used in massage (only 3 drops mixed with 10 ml of base oil - almonds or olives, for example), inhalations (1-3 drops of volatile oil, put in a handkerchief; the duration of the procedure is 5 minutes), aromatherapy.

Lavender essential oil has an antibacterial role and moisturizes dry skin, an excellent repellent against mosquitoes, ticks, moths, flies and spiders.

Juniper essential oil is notable for its effects on the respiratory system, where it helps alleviate conditions such as colds, flu, coughs, infectious diseases, fever, while disinfecting the air of viruses and bacteria. It can be used successfully in the aromatherapy lamp to purify the air in the rooms.

Lemon essential oil helps in case of muscle, joint, digestive pain, as well as to ward off nausea and motion sickness. Useful for reducing fever and other symptoms associated with colds and flu. Its fresh and cheerful aroma brings good mood and banishes negative states.

Jasmine essential oil has been used for hundreds of years for therapeutic purposes, but also for its aphrodisiac effects. If insomnia gives you headaches, aromatherapy with jasmine essential oil can be very helpful. The relaxing properties of this oil will help you sleep smoothly and deeply.


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