Why to use reflexology to boost your feet wellbeing

Why to use reflexology to boost your feet wellbeing

28 June 2022 Estimated time: ~2 min.

Why to use reflexology to boost your feet wellbeing

The massage is ideal after a tiring day, in which you sat for a long time or, on the contrary, for many hours standing. But how about reflexology, a method of treatment with multiple benefits, not just relaxation!

Tons of benefits!

Reflexology stimulates the elimination of toxins, improves circulation and supports the immune system, restoring the body’s balance between yin and yang, encouraging self-healing and strengthening the body. It is an ideal therapy for people who need a physical recharge or whose immune system needs a boost.

One of the immediate benefits of reflexology is the feeling of deep relaxation and calm. This is because therapeutic massage promotes the release of endorphins - the chemicals in the brain that produce feelings of well-being.

Stress hormone levels, such as adrenaline and cortisol, are also reduced.

Foot reflexology is an excellent remedy for relieving possible urinary disorders. In fact, there is a reflex point for the left kidney in the sole of the left foot and another reflex point for the right kidney in the sole of the right foot.

The leg has 7,200 nerve endings connected to all areas and organs of our body. It is necessary to perform several reflexology sessions, which last between 45 and 60 minutes, to alleviate the symptoms of various diseases.

How to do a reflexogenic massage

Specialists in reflexology say that there is a map of the points in the sole, which correspond to certain organs and areas of the body. The best foot massage is performed when the entire sole is stimulated, not just certain reflexology points.

It is important that the soles are warmed up before the massage. So walk around the room, get up on the tops and go down several times, take a hot foot bath. The massage movements will be performed at the beginning on the whole sole with gentle but firm movements to drive away the tension accumulated during the day.

For 5-7 seconds, it stimulates every point on the sole from the toes to the heel. You can press those areas or apply different types of movements (rubbing, pinching). Alternate moments of stimulation with moments of pause.


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