Play seriously with the FITNESS BALL!

Play seriously with the FITNESS BALL!

11 August 2020 Estimated time: ~2 min.

This fitness „toy“ somehow reminds us of childhood and the energy of those years when we did a lot of exercise for pleasure, not because we had to.

With the help of the ball of fitenss you can perform various exercises to tone the muscles and shape the body without overloading your joints, taking everything as a kind of play!


What’s good about it

Fitness ball training has benefits for those who often go to the gym or do a performance sport, but especially for those who are kind of lazy when it comes to exercise. The first accessory to get you out of the couch, if you are a bit sedentary, should be a big fitness ball (it has about 50 cm in diameter) and beautifully colored. Here’s why:

  • trains all muscle groups through simple exercises.
  • prevents and alleviates low back pain after too many hours spent in the office. (You can also use it occasionally as a chair to reduce the pressure on the spine)
  • improves balance and corrects posture.


5 simple exercises (2-3 sets of ten repetitions)


Hip lifts: sit on your back on the floor, with your feet on the ball and your hands outstretched next to your body. Gently lift your pelvis so that you feel your abdominal muscles tense, then return to your starting position.

* exercise works the lower abdominal muscles and gluteal muscles;


Abs: Sit with your back to the ball, legs apart and feet firmly on the floor. Put your hands on the back of your neck, keep your elbows horizontal (so not next to your ears) and raise your torso to 30-40 degrees.

* exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles and stimulates the cervical area;


Extensions: Sit on your stomach, with the ball positioned near the pelvis and feet slightly apart, resting on your toes. Stand up slightly, resting your palms on the ball, arching your spine. Keep your eyes straight on all the time.

* this exercise strengthens the muscles of the back, the abs and increases mobility in the spine;


Bridge: Sit with your back to the ball and keep your feet slightly apart and your feet on the floor. Put your head back, look at the ceiling, and try to make the bridge, like when you were a child. Don’t force yourself if you don’t get a perfect bridge. It is important to arch the column, supported by the ball.

* exercise improves spine mobility and works the buttocks.


In balance: start the exercise with both knees on the floor and the ball to one side, supported by the hip and held with one hand. With the other palm you lean on the floor. Slowly lift the ball and, at the same time, the leg you support the ball with, until you bring it on the buttocks, supported by the leg and the hand with which you lifted it. Hold your balance for 30 seconds in this position. Repeat for the other leg.

* exercise works the arms, legs, buttocks and improves balance.


Play seriously with the FITNESS BALL!