Why is friendship so important for your happiness

Why is friendship so important for your happiness

7 September 2021 Estimated time: ~2 min.

Friends are said to represent the family we choose! Beyond parents, siblings, grandparents, who are a given to us, friends are strictly our choice, responsibility and joy!

Social relationships make us happy, a chat with a friend banishes sadness, a friend we call at midnight with a problem we can not share with parents, for example, relieves stress and helps us replace worries with inner peace.

Research results suggest that happiness is a resource that we sometimes invest in activities that are currently energetically and emotionally costly, such as working late. This creates the danger of imbalance, and part of it is the neglect of relationships with friends.

And so we realize that we need more time with our loved ones, we need a friend that gives us the shoulder to cry on more than that financial bonus that robbed us of the time we spent with people we love. So, evaluate your goals, priorities, values ​​and make time for the things and people that matter to you!

Having strong friendships in life can help maintain brain health, help us cope with stress and recover faster from an illness. The time we spent in the company of optimistic, positive friends can change even for the better our outlook on life! Often, a good friend helps us get out of our comfort zone while giving us a stable emotional space to be ourselves.

A recent study by the University of Michigan, which involved 280 k subjects, shows that people who have a close relationship with friends have a higher level of physical and emotional well-being, in contrast to those who have complained of unsatisfactory social relations. The latter were prone to the development of chronic diseases during the six years of study. Friendships have the power to improve our quality of life and even increase our lifespan!

In many situations, friendship teaches us a lot about ourselves and helps us realize how important it is to have someone who knows and understands us deeply. And because good friendships are worth celebrating, why not calling your best friend right now! Invite her over for a coffee, a hug, or give her a gift that she will surely enjoy! Have fun!


Why is friendship so important for your happiness
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