Your ritual for glowing skin on New Year΄s Eve

Your ritual for glowing skin on New Year΄s Eve

28 December 2021 Estimated time: ~2 min.

For some it is an evening like any other, but if for you New Year΄s Eve is that special night you have been dreaming of for months, then you must prepare to glow!

Of course, the glitter is not missing, nor the red or black or gold manicure - this would be a popular top 3! Or sequins, but do you know what else needs to be glowing? Your skin! And that healthy glow that we all want is obtained with a healthy diet and a correct skincare routine, adapted to the needs of your skin.

Relax with a bubble bath!

To be fit for a long party until dawn, you need relaxation! So fill the tub with not very hot water, put bath salts, aromatic oils or herbs, light a scented candle and relax as much as you feel the need! Not only will your skin thank you for this treat, but you will enter the new year with a feeling of well-being!

Exfoliation is the first step

It is said that we have to leave behind worries, problems, troubles and enter the fresh new year starting from scratch and changing, metaphorically speaking, an old and shabby coat with a brand new one! We can apply the same principle to the skin. So, do not enter the new year without a proper executed exfoliation, because the dead cells and impurities must remain in 2021, and we must move forward with perfectly clean&clear skin!

Cleansing is the key to healthy and wonderful skin, and the body and facial scrubs gently cleanses and smoothes the skin, leaving it clean, soft, supple and balanced.

Hydrate yourself, moisturize your skin

Even if it’s winter, don’t forget those two liters of water a day, because it helps not only the kidneys to function at optimal parameters, but also the skin to be hydrated, velvety and ... plump! Dehydrated skin is dull and wrinkled. So, you need water, but also moisturizers in your skincare routine, not mentioning that after exfoliation, creams and lotions do their job even better!

If your skin is dry, opt for body oils or intensely moisturizing body butters, but if your skin is normal, you can choose a fragrant lotion, rich in botanical oils, which will offer you the smoothest appearance.

Don’t forget to nourish and moisturize your hands and your feet and then go to the next stage: makeup and hairstyle! Are you ready to turn heads?


Your ritual for glowing skin on New Year΄s Eve
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