A good deed per day- what goes around turns around

A good deed per day- what goes around turns around

9 August 2022 Estimated time: ~2 min.

A good deed per day- what goes around turns around

Every day we can do good deeds, small gestures of humanity that we may not give importance to at the moment, but they bring joy to those around us.

We are so caught up in the routine of a life sometimes hard, crowded and tiring, that we are not always aware of the gestures we make, whether they are beautiful or less pleasant. I suggest that we review some good deeds that we can do every day and that will not only be good for those around us, but also for us. It is only known that a nice gesture returns tenfold to the one who made it!

So, what small but beautiful and important gestures we can do every day:

Prepare a delicious breakfast for the family

If you are the first to wake up, prepare the coffee, cereal milk, pancakes or toast with butter. Especially on weekends. Your loved ones will welcome you with a smile on their face, and their joy will surely be the best reward.

Be more tolerant in traffic

When you are not in a big hurry or even in some tense moments, be the one who avoids a conflict in traffic and give priority to those who seem desperate to get somewhere. Let someone get in front of you - maybe they have an emergency, but no one gave them a chance to get into the lane.

Buy some food for a homeless person

Surely you meet at least one needy person on your way to work, make them happy! Street people are usually ignored, blamed for their destiny, judged for a life that no one really knows the details of.

Encourage a colleague, compliment a friend

Everyone needs encouragement, kind words and especially compliments. Compliment a co-worker for her look, compliment her outfit, tell her how beautiful she is today, reassure her that everything will be fine if she’s having a bad day. You know... Things you’d love to hear too! And why not, bring your officemate a coffee whn you buy one for yourself in the morning. Your reward will be a big smile!


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