Quiz: what hair colour defines you?

Quiz: what hair colour defines you?

24 July 2020 Estimated time: ~2 min.

No matter what your natural hair color is, you can dye your hair in a color that will fit your personality perfectly and give you confidence. Take this test and find the right color for you!

For each question, choose the answer that is closest to the way you think or act. The result is given by the answer (a, b, c or d) that you chose most often.


1. If you could decorate your dream home, how would you do it?

a. In vivid colors and I would decorate it with paintings and objects signed by famous artists.

b. It would be all feminine, pastel, slightly vintage. I love the chabby chic style!

c. The house of my dreams is brightly colored and cheerful, with modern furniture.

d. I like the warm, earthy colors that give me the feeling of comfort.


2. What is, in your opinion, the most beautiful/important job in the world?

a. I think the job of being..."king"! I have always been fascinated by royal families, loved and feared leaders.

b. I like things made with passion and talent, so being an actor, painter, sculptor, fashion designer.

c. I think that being a teacher is the most important and beautiful job ever.

d. Doctors have the most beautiful and difficult and meaningful job.


3. If you were to turn into an animal, what would you choose and why?

a. A black panther, for elegance and agility

b A cat – seductive an unapologetic

c. A Panda bear - they are so cute!

d. A horse - are the most beautiful and useful animals


4. What is your greatest guilty pleasure?

a. I like expensive things, my card is in danger when I go shopping.

b. I like to flirt and make "victims" among males.

c. To take a day off, on the grounds that I am ill, so that I can spend my day the way I want.

d. Guilty pleasure? Hmm ... I don’t think I have one.


 5. What music do you like the most?

a. Rock, punk, the "noisy" genre

b. Slow, romantic music

c. Something pop, dynamic, on which I can dance

d. Classical music, of course;


6. What do you do when you want to relax physically and mentally?

a. I listen to music, I go out or I watch an old movie.

b. I cuddle with my partner, this relaxes me both physically and mentally.

c. I play with the children, with the animals, I walk in the park ...

d. I read a good book or I just sleep.


7. What do you think about smiling?

a. I smile especially in the corner of my mouth, when I read between the lines.

b. Smile is a woman’s main weapon of seduction.

c. It is proof that you are open yourself up to another person.

d. It’s nice to smile, but a little more seriousness wouldn’t hurt.




Mostly a) -  you are SOPHISTICATED

Shades of brown, from dark brown and soft black, with reddish iridescence, to dark shades, such as Snow White hair, are the ones you can choose from to suit your strong and contrasting personality. Brunettes are women who know what they want, a little stubborn, but brave and tenacious. If you find yourself in this description, you will feel great with dark hair.


Mostly b - You are SENSUAL

Definition of authentic blonde, that’s you. What? You’re not blonde yet and you never thought you’d look good with your hair in the color of the sun’s rays? Find out that there is no such thing like „I’m can’t be a blonde!“. If you only think of platinum blonde, then yes, you may be right, but I assure you that in the multitude of shades of blonde you will find one that suits you wonderfully.


Mostly c - You are CHILDLIKE

The woman-child, maybe with a few freckles around her nose, trapped in a mature body and with a hair color that doesn’t tell her much? You can’t really solve anything about your body - that’s it, you’ve grown up - but you can do something with your hair! Red, the color of life, of the overflowing energy is your colour! It will make you feel like a different person.


Mostly D - you are CONSERVATIVE

You don’t like excentric things or being the center of attention. A hair color that stands out too much can make you tired or it can bring you anguish. Your personality characterized by discretion and (a lot) seriousness matches the best with natural, warm shades of brown. Do not shy away from youthful and bold hairstyles, which you can temper with a very natural hair color.


Quiz: what hair colour defines you?
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