Do΄s and Don’ts after hair removal

Do΄s and Don’ts after hair removal

6 August 2021 Estimated time: ~2 min.

In summer we want to expose the finest skin, but often, after epilation, our legs are not as smooth as we would like. Let’s see what could go wrong and how to fix the situation.

Due to the excessive heat, the pores open more and the hair removal process turns into an unpleasant one! Irritations on the skin are not only unsightly but can also cause discomfort, especially if you have sensitive skin. Whether you opt for wax, epilator, cream, laser or use the classic razor, it is advisable to follow a proper post-epilation care routine.


Do not exfoliate the skin after removing unwanted hair! Check this step before epilation, never after! Avoid exfoliating cosmetics, with AHA & BHA acids for example, or mechanical scrubs earlier than 24 hours before the procedure. It is really recommended to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin, whether you will follow a facial or body hair removal, and thus solve the problem of hairs grown under the skin!

Avoid hot baths and pool visits after epilation! The skin can have small lesions, thus being vulnerable to bacteria and germs, especially if you used wax, a hair removal device, or laser! So give up immediately after epilating visits to the pool, jacuzzi, sauna, and avoid doing hot baths and showers at home! You can apply talcum powder on epilated areas to prevent sweating, but avoid bathing and using antiperspirants on the armpit, when the skin is still sensitized.

If you use wax or epilator, you can cool the area a little before, with a cold compress! And if you use wax, you can remove any residue using baby oil, which also has moisturizing properties.

Do not expose the skin to the sun! Even if you use a high SPF sunscreen, it is not advisable to go to the beach immediately after a hair removal procedure, especially after epilating with wax, epilator, or cream. In the case of the laser, there is no room for discussion, you will be told from the start not to expose yourself to the sun. UV radiation dries and sensitizes the skin, and when it is already affected due to the epilator, the skin suffers.

If you prefer the razor blade, the most important thing is to choose a special shaving gel, possibly one for sensitive skin specially created for women. Soap, shower gel, or using the blade on dry skin are not recommended! You can find everything you need on the market so that this type of skin removal is not unpleasant!

If, however, there are spots and irritations after epilation, use for 2-3 days shower oils and gentle regenerating lotions, created for sensitive skin or babies. Spray thermal water several times a day, which has a calming role. You can use an antiseptic cream to speed up the healing of the skin.


Do΄s and Don’ts after hair removal