Quick solutions to restore hair volume

Quick solutions to restore hair volume

16 October 2020 Estimated time: ~2 min.

With the help of some clever tricks and carefully chosen and applied hair styling products, you can immediately turn a soft and lifeless hair into a mane with volume and personality!

Here is what the stylists recommend, for more volume and a hairstyle that will last at least two days, without problems, regardless of the weather outside.


Scalp massage

An unbeatable method for gaining root volume is scalp massage. You can use a special scrub for scalp and you can give it a dry massage, without using your nails - only with your fingertips, every morning and evening.


Refresh between two washes

Freshly washed hair has volume and shine that is sometimes lost in the case of very fine hair, even on the first night after washing. In case you do not want to wash your hair daily - although you can do it without problems if you use this amazing product - use a dry shampoo between the washes that absorbs excess sebum and refreshes the hairstyle.


Light curls for a rich hair look

Very fine, soft, dull hair comes to life with light, natural-looking curls. Separate the hair into several sections and apply a little volume foam halfway along, starting from the roots. This way, the ends will not be weighted with the styling product. Put your hair on a few curlers or curl it lightly with a curling iron or drot. Then just comb the hair with your fingers.


Quick solutions to restore hair volume
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