How can happiness change you for the better!

How can happiness change you for the better!

16 April 2021 Estimated time: ~2 min.

Happiness is a choice. Choosing to see joy in all aspects of your life, no matter how insignificant they may seem.

Some of us think that happiness is a rare flower, which grows only on top of mountains, on steep cliffs where no human foot can reach, that it is surrounded by barbed wire and protected by the Queen of Ice. Each of us believed this at some point and continued to search for this flower for years, until we realized that it was before our eyes. Even in our eyes, in us.

As cliché as it sounds, happiness really is in us, because it is up to us to identify all the slices of life that bring us joy and fulfillment, to appreciate everything we have, to be grateful for the smallest and seemingly insignificant gifts that he gave us life. A Facebook status read the other day said that "if you’re not happy in your little studio, you’ll never be happy on an exotic beach or in a big house with a pool."

So, by giving ourselves at least 5 or 10 minutes a day to review all the reasons why we are or should be happy, we will really understand what this sublime state, this precious emotion means.

Once we understand how rich we are not having the mansion with pool, but having sight, legs, arms, a warm bed, food, a loving partner, a healthy child or close parents... and here everyone can complete on the dotted line all the blessings his life, we will be happy.

Happiness cancels out frustrations, resentments, resentment, envy, hatred, desire for revenge. A happy person is a good person, full of compassion, a human who passionately loves places and people and animals and everything around him.

A happy person does not envy, but admires. A happy person does not put sticks in the wheels of those who succeeded, but follows their example. A happy person appreciates the success of others and wants to one day be in their place. A happy person perceives value and does not constantly criticize.

A happy person does not avoid looking in the mirror because every time they does, something is added to the long list of things they hate about themselves. A happy person accepts their flaws because they know that the flaws make them different, unique, wonderful and perfect in the eyes of the people who realy love them.

A happy person is attentive to the needs of those around them, gives a hand when asked and does not clench the fist to keep everything there, because they know that with a clenched fist you lose nothing, but you can not receive anything from what life offers you as a reward.

A happy person knows that the hand that offers roses always smells like perfume!


How can happiness change you for the better!