Professional facial, at home!

Professional facial, at home!

24 November 2020 Estimated time: ~2 min.

Maybe the expression "from the comfort of your own home" is not very attractive after months of social distance, and you would prefer to be pampered at a beauty salon, but it does not hurt to know how to offer yourself professional skincare.

Disorganized diet, lack of sleep and neglected skin care routine can leave skin pale, tired, swollen, stained, irritated. And in all these pitfalls that could overload the lymphatic system it is easy to fall when our daily priorities are different.

One of the most effective and relatively simple therapies for the skin is massage, or more precisely, the "effleurage" technique, a French term that translates to "light touch". A gentle massage stimulates the relaxation and healing of the skin, improving blood circulation and helping the lymphatic system to drain toxins. The massage also helps to strengthen and lift the facial muscles, for a young and fresh look.

So, reserve half an hour to follow these three steps of professional facial treatment, after which you will feel like after a visit to the beauty salon.


Step 1 - Effleurage for 5-10 minutes
On freshly cleansed skin, evenly apply a teaspoon of herbal oil, such as argan oil, rich in 100% natural omega fatty acids. Preheat the oil in the palm of your hand and then spread it on the skin and décolleté in gentle circular motions, like a caress, lingering more around the eyes, temples and around the mouth, where expression wrinkles first form.


Step 2 - Stimulate and prepare the skin to absorb the active ingredients
No matter what kind of results you want to achieve, whether it is an anti-aging, moisturizing or relaxing effect, the skin must be prepared to receive all the "goodies" that you will offer through creams and treatments. A good method of preparing the skin is by using the dermaroller, a tool with micro-needles that you walk on the skin by lightly pressing and thus creating small channels, controlled micro lesions, for whose healing the skin will be stimulated to absorb active ingredients from cosmetics and produce more collagen. This results in an exfoliating effect that will leave the skin fresher and brighter.


Step 3 - Apply the cosmetic treatment
Depending on what you want from the chosen treatment, there are many cosmetic products you can use, whether it is a serum, a super moisturizing mask or a cream with active anti-aging ingredients.
You can start by applying a serum based on strong active ingredients (vitamin C, retinol, collagen or peptides) followed by "sealing" it with a moisturizer to help it penetrate as deep as possible into the skin, to repair, moisturize and rejuvenate.


Professional facial, at home!