A little guide to strengthening immunity

A little guide to strengthening immunity

22 January 2021 Estimated time: ~2 min.

It is not difficult to strengthen your immunity and protect your health and well-being when it is cold outside. What’s more, it can be a real treat to take care of your body!

More sleep

When it’s cold outside, sleep is tempting you more often, don’t resist it. Listen to your body and sleep as long as you can, even at noon, for a few hours. Power napping - short sleep periods, of maximum 15 minutes, in which you just fall asleep, without going into a deep sleep state, are also welcome on cold days when you have a lot of work. Rest gives you strength and helps you regain your strength.


Healing steam

Thousands of years ago, hot springs were in high demand. Today, we have other methods at our disposal, more delightful, to warm up: sauna or hot and scented baths. Intense perspiration dilates blood vessels improving circulation, stimulates respiratory function and has an invigorating effect. You can prepare a small winter treat right at home by adding a few drops of essential oil, bath salt and some scented petals to the water in the tub. It’s a real relief, especially if you suffer from cold hands and feet syndrome.


Vitamin C, health infusion

Vitamin C is an exceptional antioxidant, very helpful all year round, but especially in the cold and flu season. Sea buckthorn, rosehips, citrus fruits, kiwi, cabbage, broccoli are all healthy and tasty sources of this vitamin.


Hot tasty drinks

Herbal teas sweetened with honey or wine boiled with honey and cinnamon turn cold evenings into warm and fragrant ones, full of energy and good cheer!


A little guide to strengthening immunity
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