It΄s not magic, pores can actually become invisible!

It΄s not magic, pores can actually become invisible!

23 September 2022 Estimated time: ~2 min.

It΄s not magic, pores can actually become invisible!

We all know how addictive Instagram filters are, especially those that make our skin look like a sheet of paper. But what if we tried other tricks to get rid, at least visually, of dilated pores?

Like it or not, the skin has pores, more or less visible! The photos in magazines or those posted by celebrities on social networks, with perfect faces, where the skin looks like a porcelain doll, are far from reality, but we still find energy to envy them.

For a clean and beautiful skin, what we can do is to have a correct skin care routine and not to attack it too much with astringent products, in the desire to get rid of the pores, because we risk doing more harm than good.

Skin without visible pores is the dream of every woman, but they cannot be completely hidden even by makeup, they are even highlighted by foundation and powder. What if we tried to minimize them but also accept them? After all, they are not a disease, but a natural element of the physiognomy of any person.

Causes of enlarged pores

Oily skin comes with enlarged pores because excess sebum has this unpleasant effect on the skin. The advantage would be that the oily skin wrinkles harder!

Using products that stimulate sebum production inevitably also leads to enlarged pores, as does over-cleansing or using exfoliating products more often than recommended. Hormonal changes during puberty or menopause, genetic inheritance, smoking can also be responsible for enlarged pores.

What can we do for smaller pores?

You can introduce a toner containing salicylic acid or glycolic acid into your skincare routine. These ingredients progressively slough off dead cells and close pores, making them appear less visible.

Creams and serums containing niacinamide refine pores and even out skin tone long-term.

Apply a facial mask with Dead Sea mud weekly, because it effectively removes impurities and cleans the pores.

Wash your face with cold or lukewarm water, never with hot water. Cold water causes enlarged pores to contract, so it can help!

Once a week you can do an enzymatic peeling or with products based on fruit enzymes, glycolic acid, rich in natural vitamins A and C or beta-carotene, which help unblock the drainage holes of the sebaceous glands.

Once a week treat yourself to a steam face bath that cleans the pores of impurities and prepares the skin to better absorb the other care products.

You also have nutrition on hand to help your skin look its best. Thus, avoid fried foods, rich in bad fats, but also dairy products, and consume as often as possible foods rich in vitamins A, C and the vitamin B complex.


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