Your sign in the Japanese zodiac

Your sign in the Japanese zodiac

21 July 2020 Estimated time: ~2 min.

The Japanese zodiac has its roots in the fascinating culture of this part of the world, and Japanese astral predictions place great value on the indissoluble bonding between man and nature.

The Japanese zodiac signs are one less than the traditional zodiac and are the names of plants, animals, legendary characters and elements from the environment around us. Find your date of birth in the range specified next to each zodiac sign and then find out how you are and how you love, depending on the symbol that represents you.


Cherry Blossom (February 15 - March 20)

You are passionate, cheerful, romantic and you like to squeeze the juice of every moment of your life. You live the moment with intensity, you never panic and for you there are no unsolvable problems. In love you are especially affectionate and you demand the same attention from your partner.


Sun (March 21 - April 29)

You know how to be as bright as the star that watches over us, and that gives you confidence and fresh strength to always start over. You are intelligent, determined and do not get discouraged easily. When you want something really bad, those around you can be sure it will happen. In love, you are very possessive and jealous, so be careful not to lose your loved one if you hold the leash too tight.


Bamboo (April 30 - June 4)

You always go from agony to ecstasy and vice versa in a second. You’re strong, confident, optimistic, until pain overwhelms you and you despair. You should rely more on yourself and less on those around you. In love, you are adventurous and tend to be unfaithful. It’s better to break the relationship that doesn’t satisfy you anymore, because the double game you play doesn’t lead anywhere ...


Buffalo (June 5 - July 6)

This symbol represents power, energy, aggression. You are impulsive and unstable, but at the same time, very close to your family and friends. You tend speak frankly, and your brutal honesty can hurt those around you. Your soul mate must be as strong as you, loyal and stable. Woe to the one who deceives you, that you become aggressive and vengeful!


Lotus Flower (July 7 - August 1)

You are elegant, sensitive, dreamy. You’re not walking, you’re floating! Your optimism is contagious, and your generous nature is an example to those who know you. You have mastered your good manners: you speak nicely, behave appropriately and appreciate the people who answer you with the same elegant attitude. In love, you are able to fight unconditionally for the man you love.


Bridge (August 2 - August 27)

You are one of the most mature and responsible sign of the zodiac, and that is why you have become accustomed to carrying the problems of others on your shoulders. You are communicative, with a developed sense of humor and have many close friends. From a sentimental point of view, you are an incurable romantic. You fall in love easily, but sometimes you confuse passion with love.


Stone (August 28 - October 10)

The elements that give charm to Japanese gardens are the ornamental stones, sprinkled among the leaves and floral arrangements. That’s how you are in your entourage: a fixed point, an element of resistance and a landmark of stability. You are friendly, curious, you like to be the center of attention and you hate loneliness. In love, you look for the perfect soul mate.


Emperor (October 11 - November 18)

You have a dominant way of being and you are dominated by the desire to assert yourself professionally. You are friendly, generous and sincere with all those who recognize your authority and who do not think of stepping on your tail. You love passionately, you lead the love affair and you demand that your partner have eyes only for you.


Empress (November 19 - December 26)

Unlike Emperors, Empresses impose their point of view with tact and femininity. You are very concerned about how you look and you like when you leave everyone speachless with your beauty. You are the soul of the parties and the moments spent in solitude are not to your taste at all. You need a man built like yourself, with whom you share the same dreams and the same values.


Moon (December 27 - January 18)

You pursue your goals with a lot of calm, determination and no one can get in your way. Full of imagination, you find the most ingenious solutions to problems. Love always finds you insecure, regardless all the determination that characterizes you in other areas. In love, it seems that you quickly lose your compass and you need a partner to support your quick changing moods.


Turtle (January 19 - February 14)

This gentle being with whom you identify with in the zodiac is a symbol of wisdom. You like to listen and give advice, but in the moments of struggle, you lose your temper, you tend to make bad decisions and you need the guidance of a man you believe in. You want the man who loves you, who can read your mind, but you are also able to surprise him with extremely romantic gestures.


Your sign in the Japanese zodiac