The legends of roses

The legends of roses

5 February 2021 Estimated time: ~1 min.

The red rose is considered the flower of love, the messenger of love when words are not enough, the perfect accessory that completes an arsenal of seduction.

In its ancient history, the rose was also a symbol of the broken heart, and the Romans, Celts or ancient Egyptians considered it a flower of spirits, which helped them to transmit to their loved ones their love beyond death.

As a symbol, the rose therefore covers a wide range of feelings and is not accidentally considered the "King of Flowers".

And if we know about red roses that they are the symbol of passionate love, emblematic flowers of lovers everywhere, white roses are associated with perfect purity and elegance and always impress with simplicity and delicacy.

On the other hand, yellow roses have changed a lot over time. In the Middle Ages they were considered a symbol of jealousy. Today, yellow roses are associated with friendship and respect.

An ancient Greek legend says that the rose is a creation of the flower goddess Chloris, who made other gods work together at the birth of the flower: the spring wind Zephyr pushed the clouds aside, Apollo blossomed the rose, and the war god Ares made the thorns, as a weapon of defense.

Also in Greek mythology we find the story of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love, who was born from the foam of the sea. Legend says that after it, the foam turned into rose petals and when they touched the shore, they became flowers - white roses.

Another legend says that the rose would have appeared from a smile of Cupid, and the thorns would be nothing but the arrows with which the God of Love targets the hearts of those he wants united in the fire of eternal passion.

In Italy, a man in love sprinkles rose petals in front of his lover’s house during the night, and if the petals are not swept the next day, it means that love is mutual and the wedding is close!


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