Tips for a more lingering scent in summer

Tips for a more lingering scent in summer

17 August 2021 Estimated time: ~2 min.

High temperatures, perspiration, humidity make the perfume that lasts on your skin in winter for a whole day, in summer to lose its power in an hour after application. But here we are, with some useful tips!

To the difficult living conditions of the perfume in the summer season is added the rule of "summer perfume", different from the aromas of other seasons. Not everyone takes this into account, but some notes are far too strong to bear when the thermometer shows 40 degrees Celsius. Thus, perfume creators choose fresh notes to wear on hot days, especially citrus, aquatic, floral-white, and green notes, as fresh and cool as possible as a lemonade enjoyed by the sea.

They are wonderful, only they do not last as long as the oriental ones, woody or sweet, gourmet.

So, we need to resort to some tricks, to enjoy our favorite perfume on hot days, and one of the most effective is to use a body lotion from the same range.

At the same time, before drying the hair with the hairdryer, apply a little perfume on the length of the hair, previously dried with a towel. With every gust of wind or every time you turn your head during the day, your hair will spread around the notes of the perfume applied in the morning!

Another trick is to perfume your hairbrush. Thus, with each use, the perfume will spread evenly and delicately throughout the hair!

Apply perfume on the décolleté! Due to the heat of the body, the aroma will persist throughout the day.

It is ideal to apply the perfume in hot, pulse areas, such as the wrists, neck, back of the ears, décolleté, and elbow and knee joints.

And, why not, when you get ready to go to the beach, don’t forget to leave a puff of your favorite perfume on the beach towel and even on your swimsuit!

Carry a mini or travel size version of your favorite perfume in your purse and you can reapply during the day, every time you feel the need to refresh the perfume!

And one more thing: don’t keep perfumes in the bathroom, but not in the sun either! Heat and moisture can change the chemical composition of perfumes, and they lose their potency. Choose a place away from light, steam, and heat for them, even a closet, at the risk of not having them in front of your eyes all the time! You thus prolong their life!


Tips for a more lingering scent in summer
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