Nude makeup in 3 simple steps

Nude makeup in 3 simple steps

30 October 2020 Estimated time: ~2 min.

If you want a flawless nude makeup, great for zoom sessions, easy to hide under face masks and great looking when you take the mask off, we have prepared three essential tricks for you!

Nude makeup enhances your features and natural beauty without distracting from your personality. In addition, it looks good in the camera, it is elegant, refined and hides small flaws. And because sometimes simplicity is complicated when it comes to make-up, here are three tricks that will ensure you a flawless natural makeup.


1 - Prepare the skin first

For nude makeup to look wow, the skin must be in its best shape, hydrated, with small and clean pores and clean, and the eyes area must look rested! A nude make-up will not look good if you are after a sleepless, tired, struggling night. Apply an invigorating mask in the morning, to reduce fine lines, blemishes, to relax and plump the skin.


2 - Apply a fine makeup base

Choosing the right foundation is an important step in achieving a flawless nude makeup. Avoid high-coverage foundation, which can look heavy and cakey, and better apply a light-reflecting CC cream, to cover the imperfections in a more natural way. Try the shade on a part of the neck area, not on the hand - there should be no color difference between where you applied the makeup base and the rest of the skin.


3 - Use warm makeup shades

A blush in a tan shade will highlight your cheekbones naturally and will correct the features. If you have a wide face, apply a fine shade of blush on the jaw line as well.

Immediately under the eyebrow, apply a light beige eyeshadow, which brightens the eyes, and on the mobile eyelid, play with shades of chocolate brown. For the eyelashes, a dark brown mascara will ensure the natural effect that an intense black mascara cannot offer. Do not use lip liner: for extra naturalness, apply lipstick with your finger or with a lip brush.


Nude makeup in 3 simple steps
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