The temptation of oriental scents

The temptation of oriental scents

11 September 2020 Estimated time: ~2 min.

For generations we have learned how to attract love with magic potions and what scents should we borrow from flowers, trees and fruits to make ourselves desired, the queens of Egypt with beautiful cat-eyes knew what fragrant ointments can tame anyone’s heart.

The ancient perfumers intuited, from times when it was believed that the Earth is flat as a tray, that destiny can be tamed and love lured with mixtures of the essences of the rarest and most fragrant flowers and spices. The perfume industry has evolved as a way of manufacturing, but the principles and motivation have remained the same.


The perfume is an unseen garment that is chosen according to one’s own style, temperament, mood, moment of the day or night, the memories we want to evoke. But we can fall in love for life with a single scent to which we remain faithful, as a unique and immense love, anytime and forever.

The most refined perfumers, those of the Orient, have perfected the art of gathering together, in precious containers, essences that are gradually revealed, as in a dance of aromas. They created cool and soothing breezes of lavender, insinuatingly fragrant oils with sweet vanilla, enchanted scents with warm and passionate patchouli.


Oriental perfumes cannot be easily worn by anyone, but anyone can learn to love them, to dose them finely so as not to become too tiring, to take advantage of their seductive energy.

If an oriental scent seems too harsh, too heavy, but you still feel attracted to it in an inexplicable way, gradually bring it into your life and on your body. Instead of choosing the strongest scent essence, choose a eau de toilette or a body cream with aroma that combines fresh, top notes with woody, sweet, warm, intense base notes.

Perfume your home with penetrating oriental flavors and you will notice how durable they are and how they can be insinuated with some discretion in space, thanks to the gradual release of a aroma diffuser.

And if you already love the opulent aromas of musk, vanilla, patchouli, honey, exotic spices, now, on the eve of autumn, when the heat of summer no longer competes with them, it’s time to fully enjoy them till the last drop.


The temptation of oriental scents
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