Party for two

Party for two

22 December 2020 Estimated time: ~2 min.

Social distancing can be a good excuse to spend your holidays with your partner only, to forget about the world and to relearn, if necessary, how to look in his eyes.

There is no better time than this to turn a festive evening into a romantic date. It could even be New Year’s Eve. You don’t need sumptuous decorations and expensive food, just your own living room and a few elements to bring you together and ease your feelings. Here are three ideas to turn a holiday evening in two into a magical, unforgettable memory:


Picnic on the carpet

You know each other from childhood, but the years that have passed, the problems and the daily routine put your inner child to sleep? Well, now It’s time for play and surprises that will remind you of the moments when you ran away from home and secretly kissed. Get rid off the table in the living room and organize a picnic on the carpet for you and your lover. Put on the floor a cheerful tablecloth, cutlery and colorful napkins, and all the decorative pillows you have around the house. Dress as comfortably as possible, eat something unpretentious, such as pizza or sandwiches, listen to the music of the years when you first met, relive funny moments from your relationship and laugh, laugh, laugh!

Randez-vous glamour

If you don’t even remember when it was the last time you went out to a restaurant, who said you can’t compose the intimate and elegant atmosphere of a luxury salon at home? The best tablecloth and the most elegant set of cutlery will be at your disposal tonight. You dress in the most elegant dress, and prepare the best suit for him. The secret of this evening is to forget where you are and rediscover the charm of your loved one. Enjoy salmon sandwiches and liqueur candies, listen to "your" song or the one you waltzed at the wedding, and, in the embrace of a dance, whisper in his ear the sweetest things.


Tender escape
Do you always have a house full of friends, relatives, neighbors? Is your erotic life a run with obstacles that, once removed, leave you exhausted and with no mood for romance? It is clear then that you need kisses, caresses, love to the full. And to avoid the routine of evenings with hasty love, create a special enviroment: seductive underwear, scented candles, silky bedding. Drink red wine, the best at awakening the senses, and the soft touches and endless kisses will take the place of the most inspired words.


Party for two