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5 steps for a perfect manicure

5 steps for a perfect manicure

10 November 2020 Estimated time: ~2 min.

To have beautiful hands means to take care of the skin, but also of the nails. Here are five essential steps of a proper care ritual for a flawless manicure.

1. Removes dead cells

Carefully remove the layer of dry and hardened skin from the sides of the nail with a sterile manicure scissors. The cuticles are not to be cut, but will be softened with a special solution, to be then pushed to the base of the nail. File then each nail on the entire surface. Attention, this operation is done with a nail file specially built for this purpose!


2. Nourishes and strengthens

Put two tablespoons of olive oil in a bowl and dip your fingernails in each hand in turn. It is the best treatment to have strong nails! If your nails have streaks and are brittle, use creams dedicated to strengthening your nails and don’t apply nail polish for a while.


3. Constantly shorten your nails

Shorten your nails periodically by polishing them - the healthiest option. Nail filing is done from the outside to the tip of the nail, preferably with a non-metallic file. If you need to cut more of the nail, use pliers, not scissors.


4. Apply a protective coat

To prevent yellowing of the nails, before applying nail polish, apply a layer of protective coat. The protective base coat contains substances that nourish the nail in depth and protect it from the attack of chemicals and pigments in the nail polish.


5. Protects the manicure

When cooking, cleaning and washing dishes, use latex gloves to make you feel comfortable and to prevent your hands from coming into contact with water, cleaning substances and dishwashing detergents.


Extra-tip! For a durable manicure, be patient to dry each coat of nail polish well before applying a new one. The nail polish is applied correct in three movements, first on the center and then on the sides of the nail.


5 steps for a perfect manicure
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