Social responsibility- help the planet while on vacation

Social responsibility- help the planet while on vacation

30 August 2022 Estimated time: ~2 min.

Social responsibility- help the planet while on vacation

On vacation we enjoy the waves and the warm sand or sleep under a tree on top of the mountain, freeing ourselves from worries and problems. Nature is, indeed, a perfect catcher of them and gives us peace and relaxation. But...

There is a "but" and a very important one at that. How did you feel while enjoying the waves of the sea and suddenly found yourself with a plastic bag on your face? Or a pet? Or at the top of the mountain, when you thought you found the ideal place to set up the tent, discover that it’s occupied by a huge pile of garbage, left by the tourists who "enjoyed" that spot before you?

Terrible, obviously! And you could say that you can’t make spring with a single flower, but a small gesture by each of us can make the difference.

Nature deserves respect. And if we could repay her with at least half of the good she gave us, we would do her a lot of good and, automatically, we would do a lot of good for ourselves.

So, vacation is about relaxation and carefree, except for one thing: protecting the environment where we recharge our batteries. And how can we do that? Well, through small but important gestures such as:

Use beach lotions coral reef friendly (there are plenty on the market!)

Between 6,000 and 14,000 tons of beach lotion reach coral reef areas annually. However, high concentrations are not needed for formations to be affected. The dangerous ratio is 62 parts per trillion, which is the equivalent of one drop of water in 6.5 Olympic swimming pools. More than 3,500 brands of beach creams contain a reef-bleaching substance, oxybenzone.

Be careful where your plastic cups end up when you go on sea cruises

As a rule, during sea cruises, for tourists, plastic cups are used, and most of them end up in the water blown by the wind or simply thrown away, out of convenience and unconsciousness. They contain materials that are not biodegradable and take almost 80 years to decompose. Most of them end up on the shore, carried by the waves, as a "gift" from the sea for unwary tourists. Avoid, therefore, the use of plastic cups or bottles when you are at sea. Do not understand that real glass is indicated, because accidents can happen, but recycled paper it’sthe right choice. 

Turn off the light and the faucet

When we’re on vacation, we tend to get a little careless when it comes to electricity or water. However, excessive and senseless consumption harms the environment, not just the hotel owner. In addition, if you have a refrigerator in the room that you are not using, you can unplug it during your stay.

There is no shame in picking up what others throw away. On the contrary

On the beach or on mountain hikes, don’t be shy to pick up plastics or papers left by tourists who are ill-mannered and less considerate of nature. You can then store them in the specially arranged places: paper to paper, plastic to plastic and so on.


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