How indoor plants can change your mood

How indoor plants can change your mood

13 April 2021 Estimated time: ~2 min.

Therapists claim that our well being is dictated by the plants we have in the house, some of them being true guardian angels who can cheer us up in difficult times!

There are energy-donor plants and to receive the energy of the trees, for example, it is enough to sit with our backs against the trunk of the donor tree or to hug the tree, and we will receive a good portion of positive energy.

The most powerful indoor plants that change our mood for the better with their energy are:

Geranium with red or white flowers has a very strong positive energy. It is enough to sit next to a geranium for 10-15 minutes and we will feel rested, with our strength restored. The geranium needs natural light, but should not be kept in the sun. Water daily, but not excessively.

Ficus is responsible for the pleasant atmosphere and well-being of the house. They have a calming effect on irascible people, they act gently, barely perceptible, calming the access of aggression. It is important to have natural light, but not direct sunlight, so find a place in an area of ​​the house away from the sun. Wipe the dusty leaves at least once a month with a damp cloth!

Fresh cut flowers are donors until they begin to die. From this moment they become vampires and start to absorb the energy of the house, so do not keep withered flowers in the vase. And don’t collect dried flowers!

Cactus: helps us to supplement our beneficial energy and, at the same time, can remove negative energy. It can be placed in front of the computer screen, taking up some of the negative energy. The indoor cactus needs a mixture of sand and peat, to which a layer of gravel is added on top. Water it only when the soil has dried!

Violets can balance our emotional states, but they become sad doing this... In their generosity, this beautiful flowers purify the space. The most important tip for caring for violets: water should not reach the leaves, because they discolor and dry them.

Rosemary: helps drive away depression, brings inner peace and drives away negative energies. It should be planted in clay pots, in the sunny area of ​​the house, away from air flows.

Aloe Vera attracts prosperity and positive energies in any place of the house in which it is settled! It does not cope with negative temperatures, so in winter it can only stay in warm places. Water the plant often, but not excessively, because it will rot its roots.

Lavender activates the energy of stability in life, not only eliminates toxins from the house, but also helps fight headaches, insomnia or depression. Requires regular watering, 2-5 times a week. Be careful never to leave water in the plate under the pot!

Unfortunately, some flowers and some trees act as energetic vampires and need to be removed from around the house. Here are some examples of energetic vampire plants that are not recommended to be kept indoors:

Begonias: they are vampire plants, but they are still useful in houses with many unwanted guests. :D Begonia absorbs all the energy like a vacuum cleaner, and after a while it returns only positive energy to the house.

Dried flowers are energetic vampires, as are wilted ones. In general, dead matter always attracts no beneficial energies.

Fern: its power to absorb the beneficial energies of the house and to leave you without strength and stamina does not make it a suitable plant for the environment. But it can be placed on the TV, to absorb more of the negative energy spread by it.

Hydrangea: it is said that if in a house where you brought hydrangeas there are young, unmarried girls, they will remain single for an indefinite period of time ... 


How indoor plants can change your mood