5 fragrances to boost your house΄s positive vibes

5 fragrances to boost your house΄s positive vibes

28 January 2022 Estimated time: ~2 min.

Depending on the aroma chosen, the fragrances, candles or essential oils in the aromatherapy lamp give us certain moods and can completely change the vibe of the house.

Extracts from herbs, spices or aromatic and medicinal herbs, the essential oils that we can use in the aromatherapy lamp, in the composition of scented candles or room diffusers contain in concentrated form the specific healing properties of those plants.

We suggest 5 joyful aromas:


It helps with a good night’s sleep and can even relieve headaches. At the same time, it helps us to calm down during tense periods, to balance ourselves emotionally and to let go of the stress of work. A fragrance diffuser that perfumes our house with lavender aroma has the power to completely change the atmosphere in the house!

Another great idea to enjoy the wonderful aroma of lavender and give your home a serene atmosphere is to use a special fabric mist with this fragrance.


The lemon aroma is ideal for refreshing the air in the house, it is tonic, energizing, it instantly changes our mood for the better. It is an aroma that provides energy and good vibes, so necessary in stressful times for body, mind and soul.


In addition to its pleasant and delicate scent, vanilla is also a good remedy against insomnia and fights mild anxiety. It also has an analgesic effect, relieving headaches. Light a vanilla-scented candle and you’ll see how your home vibe changes into a stylish and comfortable one.


The aroma of roses is an excellent ally in the fight against depression and anxiety. The stress accumulated in the atmosphere of your home can be alleviated if you use a special diffuser or an aromatherapy lamp with which to turn your home into a rose garden.


The delicate smell of jasmine can alleviate depression, stimulate the release of serotonin, improve mood. If insomnia gives you headaches, aromatherapy with jasmine essential oil will help you fall asleep easier. At the same time, for a happier and more welcoming home, light a scented candle with a jasmine aroma or apply a few puffs on the textiles with a fabric mist caring this magical scent!


5 fragrances to boost your house΄s positive vibes
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