Test: Check the pulse of your relationship!

Test: Check the pulse of your relationship!

9 October 2020 Estimated time: ~2 min.

"How’s your love life?" is a question that sometimes even people engaged in a relationship do not know how to answer. Make the following test and find out if the love you are living now is true or just a simple deception.

1. How would you describe the weekend that just passed?

a. I stayed with my partner, we didn’t even leave the house

b. We spent time with friends and relatives

c. We have our separate hobbies


2. Your friends are ...

a. We don’t have time for friends, we don’t get tired of each other

b. Common friends, also couples

c. Each with his friends, we do not mix them


3. What are you going to do for Christmas?

a. I can’t wait to decorate the tree together!

b. We will spend time with the reunited family

c. Well, we’ll see...


4. Some friends invite you on a trip. What do you tell your partner?

a. I don’t tell him anything, I refuse from the start. We’re not going anywhere without each other.

b. If I have no pressing obligations during that period, I go.

c. I can’t wait for an invitation like this!


5. What is the most beautiful love story of all time?

a. Ours, obviously!

b.Romeo and Juliet ...?

c. I don’t believe in love stories anymore.


6. Your partner went on a business trip. What are you doing?

a. I write him dozens of emails and text messages every day.

b. I go out with friends, but I keep the phone close in case they call me.

c. I realize how good it feels being alone...


7. Do you want to go to the cinema, what movie are you choosing?

a. It doesn’t matter the subject of the movie, we’ll kiss all the time anyway.

b. We go once to a movie to my liking, another time to one to his / her liking.

c. We fight on the remote control and you’re asking about a movie together? Lol!


8. A friend shares a secret with you. Are you telling your partner?

a. Sure, he knows everything I know.

b. If my friend told me it’s a secret, then it stays between us!

c. No, I don’t want to give them a chance to gossip about my friends.


9. For you, fidelity means ...

a. Always breathe the same air as your loved one.

b. Love and trust. And everything comes naturally.

c. An outdated notion.


Most a - Pulse alert

You’re glued to your partner, and as romantic as it may be at first — you’ve probably just fallen in love with each other — in the long run, such a passionate love could tire your feelings. Give yourself more time and space to breathe!


Most b - Normal pulse

Form a well-welded couple, have respect each other’s intimicy and know each other in depth. It’s the ideal relationship, with a good chance of never breaking up. Tip: from time to time, reinvent your passion from the beginning of your relationship!


Most c - Weak pulse

Your love barely breathes. You probably live together out of habit, for the sake of the children, for fear of loneliness. A serious discussion would not hurt: what else binds you? If the feelings between you two have not died, with some efort on both sides you could restore the love and save your agonizing relationship.


Test: Check the pulse of your relationship!
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