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5 mind relaxing hobbies

5 mind relaxing hobbies

12 October 2021 Estimated time: ~1 min.

A hobby helps us escape from everyday life, especially when we go through stressful times, but also a good way to train our mind and creativity.

When you feel mentally exhausted, switch to mind relaxing activities that bring you pure pleasure!

1. Cooking

Even if you haven’t been put in the position of cooking for others and you rarely turn on the stove even for yourself, know that you don’t need to be a Masterchef for that! The internet is full of recipes, some filmed step by step, so it can be very easy to prepare something delicious. And find out that it is also a relaxing activity. Cooking as a hobby gives you a lot of satisfaction. It is your opportunity to boost your creativity and if you add love to this process, it is impossible not to make a tasty dish for which everyone will congratulate you!

2. Photography

The art of photography is one of the hobbies that trains the mind and imagination to the highest levels. By default, it determines you to focus only on what is beautiful in that place or on what you feel when you look through the lens of the camera, and this can be a real therapy for the soul and mind.

3. Coloring mandalas

Psychoanalyst Jung testified that his need to draw mandalas arose during intense moments of personal development, which indicates that a profound rebalancing takes place in the psyche. Coloring mandalas can be a wonderful way to relax, to disconnect from everyday life, to stimulate creativity, but also patience.

4. Listening or making music

Music has extraordinary benefits for the mind and soul. Studies have found that music therapy reduces anxiety, improves cognitive activity and gives positive energy. The use of musical instruments also helps to relieve stress. You can therefore try to learn to play an instrument even at home by watching the tutorials on YouTube.

5. Reading and writing

Simply reading a newspaper or a book, even for a few minutes, can be enough to reduce your stress level by up to 70%. This activity helps to slow down the heart rate and release muscle tension. And if you are passionate about writing, take the reins, even if it’s only about writing in a journal - it has been scientifically proven that journaling clears thoughts, increases concentration, disciplines the mind and helps heal personal trauma.


5 mind relaxing hobbies